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VERY IMPORTANT. The graphics you upload must be YOUR OWN original artwork! If we detect copyright issues, we won't be able to print the file you uploaded. Simply upload your own graphics before adding to your cart or buying now, and we will send you an Everland deck with your artwork and the Everland logo. These are our best professional high grade decks and this option requires extra work, so it costs a bit more. But it's worth having an Everland deck with your artwork on it for just 10 bucks more. Image must be JPEG at 2700px wide X 10200px tall to be perfect. Otherwise we will have to assume the best placement or editing for any image that does not meet this size. Some clipping may occur. For best results, click the present floating on the website in the upper right corner (must be opened in browser to see, not through an app.) That downloads a pdf template that must be opened with Adobe Illustrator that you must EXPORT as a JPEG before uploading it back to the website with your graphics on it. TURN OFF LIVE AREAS AND REFERENCE BEFORE SAVING AND UPLOADING. Just click on the boxes to make them disappear so just your graphics show. IF YOU UPLOAD NOTHING OR COPYRIGHT ISSUES ARE DETECTED, YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED AND GET ONE OF OUR GRAPHICS AT RANDOM.